Challenging the Thought that Man can Live Without God

There’s a (falsely) accepted belief today that man can live without God and that man can live without God without consequence.

Many sources have come together to produce & prop up this thinking – American secularism (Christianity being pushed to the periphery & a post Christian era), polemic writings of atheists popularly thought to remain un-refuted which side against religion and question whether “man can be good without God”, declining Christian adherence among young adults though many possess some religious commitment, etc.

It’s high time Christians challenge & take such thinking captive.

Paul writes in Galatians 6 “Do not be deceived.  God cannot be mocked.  Whoever sows to the flesh, of the flesh shall reap corruption.  Whoever sows to the Spirit, from the Spirit shall reap eternal life.”

In the same way there is a law of gravity, a law of entropy & thermodynamics, and principles governing business, finances and relationships which cannot be violated without consequence;man there is also a law of the harvest in operation & upheld by God which applies to all, whether Christian, agnostic, atheist, or other (whatever that other may be).

As with agriculture & harvests, while the harvest may delayed in time, the fruit reaped proves consistent with the seed sown.

Likewise, if a person sows according to the flesh (the unredeemed nature, worldly, in opposition to the Spirit), in time corruption (decay & destruction) will result.

I read last week how a smoker might only feel benefit & little to no consequences while participating but it’s the pleasurable acts themselves that bring about later consequences.

Likewise, while immediate consequences may by not be experienced by a drunkard, a narcissist, a person looking at pornography, a person living for comfort and pleasure, those disobeying authority, or living in lust, greed gluttony or pride; experience, research & counseling shows such living is not without consequences.

On the other hand, living according to the Spirit (in accord with God’s Spirit, for the advance of the gospel & kingdom of Christ) also produces fruit.  While immediate consequences may not always appear to pay off in this world, often fruit consistent with life is produced and appears for all to see.

If these are true with so many manifestations in this life, how much moreso with the life to come.

With this in mind, can a person “live” without God in this world?

While they may breathe and move and go about livelihoods and relationships throughout days and years, the question still remains whether motives, choices, feelings and actions lived out according to the flesh constitute & result in what is truly “life”.   While the ungodly may even seem to prosper & not have the problems that others have in this world, is it truly “life” if it is lived apart from the knowledge of God, if it fails to enjoy the blessings God reserves for  the righteous, if it fails to deal wholly with guild leading to justification and eternal forgiveness and blessings?

Can a person live without God without consequence?  While many think this is the case, evidence particularly in the long run proves otherwise.

Because there is a law of the harvest, believers ought to judge right & consider carefully the type sowing we elect!

Likewise, unbelievers, being able to see the deeper truths not always immediately evident to the eye as they apply in this life, ought to more deeply consider the God who established this harvest law and how it applies not just to this world but for eternity!

“Do not be deceived.  God cannot be mocked.”

Many in this post-Christian age don’t give a thought to such truths.  Preaching, discipleship, apologetics and evangelism can make a difference and reach many!

While teenagers may pull the wool over the eyes of friends, parents, pastors & church leaders, and at times or for a time get away with it, here we are talking about God himself, the creator, the God who sees, the incomparable one, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, who cannot be deceived or discounted without consequences, and whose reach and grasp cannot be escaped.

There’s much blessing where truth abounds.  There’s opportunity for gospel proclamation & persuasion where deception is present.